My Husbands Other Love

Ok, I love dogs I have two of my own, but my husband and his Pug, yes I said PUG, are ridiculous. For such a small dog they are such a pain! Wubby, that is only ONE of the many names my husband has given him, sleeps with us, that is a given. But he also is always exactly 4 and one half inches from us at all times. If Dave, the husband is home, Wubby is with him. If Dave isn’t here then I am the lucky owner of the little bundle of “joy” Pugs are soooo needy. I honestly think they are missing the part of their brain that tells them to STOP EATING!! They will guard food with their lives and bark like someone is trying to rob the whole house if anyone even moves and food is anywhere near them. They shed so much it is amazing they have any fur at all. Our pug will play fight my Akita/Shepard like his little life depends on it, bobbing and weaving, yelping, “biting”, pugs can’t really bite, their teeth are so far back in their mouths, jumping back and forth. All the while Rocky (my Dog) barely moves. By the time they are done Wubby is panting like he is gonna drop dead.

Did I mention my husband is 6′ 3″? This big strapping man and his little dog. He pets and kisses the dog BEFORE me every morning and talks to him constantly. I honestly think if the pug and I were both drowning and he could save one of us, I might be in trouble! I have to admit even though Wubby is a pain and my husband is talking to him and petting and kissing him as I write this, the little guy has grown on me and I love him too. Just not as much as Dave does. I promise many more stories to come about Wubby. He is like having a 2-year-old child and always an adventure, all day, everyday.


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