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Dog’s And Cars

Hi everyone I am not writing this as a sob story, just a little reminder.

On May 13th Dave and I were in a pretty bad car accident in our 3 day old Convertible. We were at a dead stop and got rear ended by a truck. We almost always have 1 dog with us, but it was hot and we were going to get flowers for the garden. My garden sat empty all spring and summer, just ugly dirt.
Thank God Pugsley (aka Wubby) or the other dogs were not in the car with us. We were hit so hard and had the top down, he would have been ejected from the car and killed.

So I am writing this to say please, if you take your dog with you in the car, like most of us do, think about getting a doggie seat belt. There are a lot of different kinds, some they can still stick their little heads out the window, as they love to do. I know next to food Wubby’s favorite things to do are take walks and ride in the car.
Dave is better, but lost his job as a direct result of the accident and I am still getting weekly injections, usually 9, in my neck, shoulders and back! OUCH!!  I don’t think my neck will ever be the same. But we are alive and so are the dogs! Again, please think about doggie seatbelts. Our dogs are like our kids and we make them buckle up!